The Christian View Of Fortune Tellers

Human beings face a myriad of challenges every single day. In between pandemics, wars, geopolitical issues, and economic crises, human beings also face grief, betrayal, love problems, and a variety of other challenges. Personal insecurities, stress, and depression have become the norm as we try to deal with all these challenges. Many people would like to know what the future holds for them, so they turn to psychics. These individuals have devised innovative ways of attracting clients. Nowadays, you do not have to visit a psychic in person as you can hold sessions online or over the phone. You can even text a psychic to get the answers you need. Since the vast majority of UK citizens and residents are Christians, you may be wondering what Christianity says about psychics. Keep reading to get the answer. 

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What Christianity is all About

The word Christianity comes from the word Christ, the name of Jesus. Christians are followers of Christ, while Christianity is a religion practiced by the followers of Christ. When thinking about what Christianity says about psychics, we must look at the life of Jesus Christ from the time he was born to the time he ascended to heaven to prepare the way for us.

Prophecies vs psychic readings

The coming of Jesus Christ was foretold in the old testament by the prophets. It is written that before Jesus comes, John would be sent to prepare the way. When John The Baptist was born and grew up, many thought that he was the Christ, they had been waiting for, but John told the people that he who is greater is yet to come. It is John who baptised Jesus. 

All the prophecies about Jesus Christ as foretold by the prophets came to pass. This is proof that mankind can tell about the future. When reading the Bible, you will come across the word seers, who were not prophets, but they had the power to tell the future. The powers possessed by prophets and seers are at times compared to the psychic readings. However, they are worlds apart. 

Where do Psychics Get Their Power?

Psychics claim to have the power to tap into the power of the universe, ancestors, spirits, and various gods. This is idolatry according to the teachings of the bible. Therefore, psychics should not be embraced by Christians. Every Christian should anchor their faith in Christ and believe that He died on the Cross so that they may have everlasting life. The challenges of this world are only temporary. The time we spend on Earth is insignificant compared to the eternity we'll spend rejoicing in heaven. 

Christians are taught to put away their worries and have faith that Christ will take care of them. They should always pray over issues they face. When faced with challenges, they should ask God, through prayer, to help them get through those challenges. When experiencing great joy, Christians should thank God for His goodness. Consulting a psychic is not something that Christians should be engaged in.